Good places to unicycle in france?

I’m going to france in about a week. Any of you frenchmen over there have any good spots for unicycling? i’m not sure exactly where i’m going, but i know i’m going to be in Paris for a few days, and the normandy area, but i have no knowledge of any good spots (mostly trials/street)

I’ve been told there’s a group that gets together in paris every mardi (tuesday) for some riding… I’m bringing a camera and i plan on filming for my ameteur unicycle DVD i hope to make, so any help and riding partners/groups will be appreciated…

thanks, ou en français, merci mes copains.
(P.S. Je ne parle pas beaucoup de français, donc vous devrez excuser mon accent terrible)

Make sure to unicycle in La Tour Eiffel. I think you might be able to bring a trials unicycle up the stairs with you if you just carry it like you’re not going to ride it.

Riding in the square under the tower is definitely possible as well.

I was hoping i could catch it on a not-busy day and hop alla way up the stairs. Then my mum told me there’s 2731 steps. Then i was told it’s never not-so-busy. Then i was told the guards at the tower carry uzis.


i’d need to pull some MAJOR strings, or more like, pull some bridge cables…

yeah they do carry uzi’s, i’d watch out.

thre are lot of spots where you can uni/muni
you can go with a group for riding on tuesday and every month on sunday
there is also a muni group on saturday (PM me for that)
if you can grasp french :

aahhh… I was just in Paris like a week ago…but I didn’t have my uni. (I’m a californian too…)

Chamonix! Loads of excellent VTT (velo toute terrain) trails.
Wherever you end up just buy a local map and look for the vtt symbols.

i’m only bringing my 20"…
donc je peux faire trials et street… possiblement Muni, mais le 20" ne sont pas le meilleur pour muni.