Good news for Muni Pedal seekers ...

I just saw on the Mountain Bike magazine website (
that Shimano will soon be releasing a “new” version of its old–some might say
classic–DX platform pedal (non-SPD). No price was given, but it was hinted that
they’d be expensive. I’ve been looking for some of these for a number of years,
since the bike that my old ones were attached to was stolen. Woo-hoo!

On another note, I sent an email a while back to Geoffrey Faraghan inquiring
about Telford availability, but got no response–anyone know if he has any of
his Munis still for sale, or if he’s getting some more made, etc.? My old
Corsairo 20" has just about outlived its usefulness to me, but I haven’t
anything else to ride, so I’m making do with it. I did notice on the
Unicycling web page that my poor old uni is a rebadged version of the Concord
model shown there. Anyway, I’m thinking of splurging and treating myself to a
really nice new muni, so any info is appreciated. Peter

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> From: Greg House Reply To: Greg House Sent: Friday, May 14, 1999 12:14 PM To:
> Subject: Re: Shoes?
> John Childs wrote:
> Thanks for the good advice, John.
> > You are probably putting too much weight on the pedals and not enough
> weight
> > on the seat.
> Perhaps, I’ve noticed that you need to shift your weight back and forth a bit.
> For example, when I ride over something rough, it seems to help if I put more
> weight on the pedals then on the seat. But when I’m turning, it seems to help
> if I keep more on the seat.
> But…my ankle pain isn’t from riding, it’s from falling off. The obvious
> answer is to not fall off, but in the mean time, I’m trying to keep myself
> from as much pain as possible. It’s hard to advance in your riding when you
> have to keep taking a few days off here and there to ice and rest your
> sprained ankle.
> > If you are doing off-road riding or some freestyle skills you may want
> > to lower
> the
> > seat a little.
> Having enough trouble with the on-road riding at this point. Definitely not
> ready to leave the pavement!
> > I ride with low cut shoes with a flat sole. I haven’t found extra ankle
> > support to be necessary. Shoes designed for skateboarding or freestyle
> > riding work well.
> Sounds similar to what I’m wearing now, except as I remember skateboarding
> shoes had more of a stiffer sole.
> > It is also a good idea to stretch before and after riding.
> Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I hadn’t thought about stretching, but
> I’ll start giving it a try.
> Thanks again, Greg