Good muni pedals?

Just wrecked one of the old Odyssey pedals on my KH24. What’s your recommendation for a good solid platform pedal with changeable pins that isn’t stupidly expensive? I’m not doing big drops or stuff… just the usual trails, hillls, rocks and roots. Thanks!

It’s been asked over and over on the forum.
But here is my choice:

Available in the US with a different name, but Google should find it for you.

That site doesn’t say anything about unicycles. How can you insure that the left pedal has inverted screw threading?

I like my crankbrothers 5050, but I think you can’t get them anymore. (I’ve also heard from people that really don’t like them, pedals are personal preference). But I really like that they (and other higher end brands) offer replacement parts, so that I don’t need to throw away a whole pedal, just because a small bearing has worn out. So I guess my general recommendation is buying on the low end of a higher end brand.

All pedals have that. Because most bicyclists don’t like their pedals to come undone, when riding, either. There is nothing different from a “unicycle pedal” to a bike pedal.

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I’ve only had one pair of pedals with replaceable pins. My understanding is that the replaceable pins are also the aggressive ones. Anyway, they were too much for me. I don’t do big drops, and I don’t generally ride in wet conditions. I prefer not to lift my foot all the way off the pedal to make an adjustment. The sharp pins I had…they caused the rubber on my shoes to prematurely wear. I frequently was annoyed at not having the perfect foot position. I could wound myself by simply brushing up against the pedal while walking the unicycle. The pedals inhibited my feet from shifting tiny amounts while turning the cranks, causing my knees to absorb the twisting motions.

OP: If you like your existing pedals, you might consider getting the same ones. If you’re not doing crazy stuff, pedals should generally last a long time.

There is even a unicycle shop that sells those Nukeproof pedals that pierrox mentioned:
Disclaimer: no affiliation to that shop, but I consider it a good choice by a unicycle shop to offer those pedals.

That said, there many great pedals all with their pros and cons. I agree with finnspin that it comes down to personal preference.

Pro tip: For pedals with metric screws as pins, you can easily and cheaply get longer or shorter screws to adjust them precisely to your liking.

I run RaceFace Chesters on all mine that require good grip.

I have never paid more then $35 for them So shop around

I use blank pedals which get terrible reviews but I have two pairs one are metal and the others are plastic composite, I have them on my 20’’ unicycles which get dropped loads and they have taken it well and still run smooth plus there super cheap!

and shimano saints on my hatchet as ever other pedals seam to look terrible on it!!

On my 36er I have DMR Vaults. They have nice wide pins which rip impressive holes in your legs.

On my 26er I have OneUp composites. Those pins look less aggressive than the ones on the Vaults, but because they’re skinnier they can dig deeper into your flesh if you land on them the right way.

My trials uni has plastic pedals without pins, but if you UPD just right you can get a bruise in the shape of the Nimbus logo to show that you’re part of the unicycle community.

Just put on these pedals, and they improved my riding. Nice!