Good, light, reasonable $ pedals for Muni?

I posted this in reviews, but didn’t get many replies.
I just broke my DX pedals on Sunday

So I need some new ones. I’m thinking under 500 grams, under $50 would be nice, removeable pins, strong, and able to fit pedal protectors.

I’m looking at these Tioga’s, but they are $60 there and $75 at my LBS.
JC’s were recomended, but they are a tad heavy and I think someone said they don’t have enough tracktion for muni.

I also saw these Animal Hamilton’s, kool colors, but the pins look a little short, shouldn’t be hard to find longer screws though, $60 at my LBS.

I am looking to replace my Snafus. I also Muni. I’ve been dissatisfied with the traction of the Snafus. Feet slip a lot but are difficult to reposition on the pedal. I like the look of Easton Magnesiums(also cool colors and light). Those Tiogas look great. Bluesky Cycling is great to deal with also.

on the animal hamilton site it said the pedals came with two different pin sizes but idont know how long those pins are. sweet pedals though

if they arent grippy enough i believe you can file them to more of a point, watch your shins though. THat will be some nasty pedal bites

I have those tiogas, and they are fantastic.

They came stock on my coker, and they hold my feet solid on them. Never moving or anything. The only way I can really move my foot is to ride one footed, and switch position then.

They are great.