Good learning location in Austin


I was learning to ride a unicycle in Brooklyn, and just moved home to Austin. Does anyone know a good location where I can continue to learn in Northwest Austin? I live near 183 and Anderson Mill Road.



I’m not terribly familiar with that area, however if you are a beginner, I would recommend learning to ride on a flat smooth surface such as a gym floor. Riding on asphalt or grass tends to be much more difficult.

You may want to join the Austin One Wheelers mailing list and ask there.

Dude, you’re in Texas, can’t you ride almost anywhere? Somebody ought to start a thread like this for indoor locations in other parts of North America, given that so much of the continent is buried in snow and ice right now- even a lot of places that normally wouldn’t be. Trying to juggle while idling in my apartment is getting old.

Sorry for complaining. Good luck finding that perfect parking lot or whatever. I assume you know that Texas is the only place in the world that offers

  • and it’s only about 30 miles from where you are.

Hey, I don’t know any places in Austin, but a couple of guys from the DFW Unicycle Club will be down there this weekend (Feb 23) for the jugglefest and a Muni ride. I’m sure they’d be happy if you want meet up with them!
Here’s our facebook page, feel free to post if you want any more info.

Other than that, any flat surface (with a wall or fence if you need it) is good for learning. :slight_smile:

Actually Jugglefest would be an excellent opportunity for somebody in Austin to pick up tips on learning to ride, or wanting to pick up new skills. There should be access to a gym inside the stadium that is great for learning. There should be plenty of uni riders to watch and learn from, and to give you advice.

Thanks for the tips!