Good Gloves?

I’m new to unicycling, and can now go forward, freemount, dismount. However, with this I’m also getting faster and after hearing of lots of writs injuries have decided to buy some gloves.

I was lookin on which have Harbinger Extreme Gloves or Kris Holm Pulse Gloves '08…however looking on this site people also seem to recommend ones such as ‘Hillbilly’…

I don’t wanna break my wrists…what should I buy?

P.s. pref not leather

I have the Hillbilly’s and they are great, but from what I understand they are pretty comparable to the Harbingers. The Harbingers aren’t easy to get in the U.S., and so not really an option for a lot of us.

I haven’t ever had pulse gloves, but I have fairly weak wrists and after reading on the forums I decided against them. They are supposed to be pretty comfortable, but not that much protection.

As for the leather thing, I have seen inline skating wrist guards that are completely synthetic, otherwise I can’t think of anything.

If it makes a difference, I’m in the UK.

Thanks for your advice, anyone else got ideas?

The KH are wimpy, minimal protection from falls, but they provide some grip when your hands are sweaty. The Hillbilly gloves rock, I have long and short finger versions. I don’t know HArbinger gloves, but they’re probably nice since most of tehir stuff is decent quality. The short finger is enough for most uses, single splinted on palm side. The long finger is the DH model, double splints, bomber!

Another option which allows some flexibility is to buy skating wrist guards, then also wear mechanics gloves over the wrist guards. You can buy mechanics gloves at any auto parts store.

This allows you to wear just the wrist guards when it’s hot or are practicing inside. The gloves come in handy when it’s cold or you are riding Muni or some other such off-road situation.

Are these the right sort of wrist guards?

Those are the right kind. Those gloves look pretty nice if the fit is good. As weak as my wrists are I haven’t ever felt under protected with just the palm splint on my Hillbilly half finger gloves, but having the second splint would certainly give more protection.

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