Good downloadable videos

I want to download a few decent videos (pretty much anything fun to watch, trials, MUni, freestyle, etc). I’ve had a trawl through the gallery but it isn’t easy to tell what’s what.

Can anyone post a link or two?


this is my site… follow the links to the gallery… the videos are all timed with the music… but they are at an average of 4mbs

These are the videos that basically got me into trials by a guy called Jess Riegel. They r very cool!

my brother(who made all my videos) posted that, thinking you were looking for bad videos.

Here’s mine-

bit of a strange one, no tricks- it’s a voyage through Sheffield city center at night on a 29-er, back in the days when I had 125mm cranks on it.

The filming is by a cyclist following behind with a camera strapped the his handlebars.

I have a sit with a few videos, although not with sound, since they’re just little clips of riding. Someday I’ll have a decent fideo complete…