Good day for small tire trials

Today I was perfectly jumping up 5 pallets in my yard, I found that when trying to prehop woth a small tire that the big prehops like atkins does dont do much but hurt your back, and when using small tires you only need a small pre hop. So now I dont hurt my back and jump a lot higher!

How high is five pallettes? Ryan doesn’t do those prehops for nothing, and he definitely doesn’t do them to hurt his back. If you were huurting your back you were doing them wrong. Don’t imitate the technique of other riders, just practice. Eventually you will find the correct technique by yourself.

Damn I can rolling hop 5 pallets but static is pretty impresive!

i just learned static 4 pallets, but that’s on a 24" muni, and i can’t even imagine rolling hopping that high. damn i gotta work on that.

5 pallets is 25 inches. At least thats with my pallets. I could almost do 6 pallets yesterday.

What I was saying is that if you dont have an actual trials tire the large pre hops wont do you any good, I use a 2.125 tire so I only need to do a very small prehop anything bigger is just wasted movement.

Torker dx tire,right?

I have that too,i cant prehop at all.
I could probally roling hop 5 pallets,depending on how high they are.

I cant figure it out, it seems everyone is a lot better at rolling hops, Ive never made it up all 5 from a roll, I can only roll 4, and static 5 Hmmm, whatever.

yeah i find rollers harder to get height, just distance is easy

i can static hop about 12’’ on my 24’’ torker LX, but i put my friend’s trials wheelset in my frame and got 15 inches (w/ the seat way too high) and could probably do 20
is that 4 pallets?

I believe so, I think every pallet is like 5 in.

I can rolling hop, sidehop seat in, and sidehop seat out 4 pallets… However, I’ve never tried anything higher than those, with any technique. That’s on a 24" MUni… I haven’t tried on my trials. I tend to only do urban stuff, so everything is too high or easy. I need to make some adjustable obsticals.

On the subject of prehops: I love em. Couldn’t get as high without, I think. I haven’t really tried, though. I need to have it be summer and go riding more. sigh

Funny, i find no prephop jumps to be far easier. Prehops rarely give me more than 2" of height, but also they are inaccurate enough for me that I don’t like them.

As for jumping on a muni, it’s not that bad. Today I was getting around 28-30" no prehop on mine (for wieght comparison, it’s profile, 24" dx-32, 170 cranks, Intense tire, yuni frame, cf base). I’ll have a video of it up in my gallery later tonight. It’ll be under “trials on bernal hill”.

If big prehops aren’t helping because you bottom out the rim, then increase the tire pressure. Otherwise a big prehop should still be more useful. I do 3-4’ gaps when I prehop for pedalgrabs over about 41", and for sidehops over ~30", my prehops are around 3’ wide.