Good chipping

The slanted surface often found underneath bridges make an excellent surface for chipping practice. Just the right steepness. This one in Queens NYC is huge:

Thanks for the photo Mike!

Try again…


And this…


Good idea.
I like to use those same slopes for climbing practice. Some of them are very steep but I was surprised to find I could climb them because of the perfect smooth, high traction surface. It lets you work on climbing power without having to deal with terrain changes.
Also, riding across them off-camber is fun.


Joe, that looks great. How about this one from China in 2000!


Man, that is steep! Is that Dan Heaton?

When he got to the top, did he grind down that rail? :slight_smile:

Yes that’s Dan. Here’s one of Kris in the same place at the very top. You know how pictures always sort of make things look less steep? This one is steep!