Good beginner muni

moin, the other day my friend sat on my muni and now she also wants to start with it, I’m very happy. now the question is, which wheel size do you recommend and do you have a tip for a good, inexpensive beginner muni?
thanks already for the answers

I’d say the steel framed Nimbus unis or URC are your best inexpensive “beginner” Munis.
Qu-ax would be another option, but I don’t like that their cheaper offerings don’t come with a disk brake mount - even if you don’t need a brake in the beginning, I think the option to mount one is important.

Size is a bit more tricky, I’d say it depends on her skill level and her size. If she is already a decent unicyclist, I think you can generally go directly to whatever size is likely ideal in the long run (26/27.5" for more downhill oriented, 29" for more XC oriented riding, except if she is really short).

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Can she ride at all? If she can’t then I’d just look for a used beginner uni on Craigslist or offer up. A 24" or 26" club or something similar will work fine until she starts doing hops and downhill.

i have n quax, with disc , im happy with this choice, but i wants to ask if other have better tips.
she can already ride, she rides n normal 24´´unicycle, and she is tall, compare with other girls.
thanks for that tip

she can already ride, also jump, i think tghat she learn muni quickly

So your country is going to be important here as it can massively affect the pricing of different manufacturer’s products.

I’m a huge fan of the Nimbus steel frame MUnis (especially the new green 27.5") as they’re a great spec for the price. I’d say that compared to the URC M4O unicycles, most of the components are better too (frame, saddle, rim), but the URC models may be cheaper depending on where you’re buying.

Neither are necessarily what I’d necessarily call inexpensive though.


we live in the south of germany

This would probably be my recommendation then:

plus one of these: Brake Lever Mount Nimbus

and then a cheap Shimano disk brake from your local bike shop when they decide they want one. They can normally be found for around €50-€70.

That setup although marginally heavier than some of the top end unicycles, will happily hold up for years and handle basically anything thrown at it.

Since she can already ride and hop, I’d base the choice on what kind of muni she wants to ride and what you can afford. If she wants to do primarily cross country then I’d look at a 27.5 or a 29. If she wants to challenge herself on tough terrain then maybe a 24, 26 or 27.5. If she wants to do both then the 27.5 is probably the best option.

If I’m really into something then I’m a fan of buying the best I can get right from the start. Eventually I’m going to upgrade my way into it anyway and if I sacrifice to spend more in the beginning I end up spending less in the long run. The Quax RGB is a pretty nice uni for the money. So are the M41 tecnos.