GONE - 36" Nimbus/Coker - free to the right person

I recently had someone pass on a unicycle to me, so I’m trying to pay it forward by finding a new home for my old 36. Ultimately I’d love for this to go to someone who will put it to good use and who might not be able to normally afford a new uni. Only catch is, you will have to pick it up. I’m located near Hamburg, PA 19526.

Uni details:

36" Coker Big One wheelset
Nimbus frame, saddle and handle
Kris Holm rail type seatpost
Comes with 125 and 150mm cranks
7 - 369mm spare spokes
I haven’t decided what saddle I plan to keep, so color might change from photo.
Pedals are not shown but are included

Hit me up with any questions and I hope this finds the right new rider. Thanks!


:eyes: @Uni2ONE2 ?

What a generous post!
I’d be honored to be considered for your Nimbus

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I agree, it is a very generous offer!

I hope it works out wonderfully for you, @Newbuni !


If it isn’t already spoken for, I would take care of picking it up for someone from the St Helen’s club. I’m not sure who needs one but I’m certain it’d get some good use

hey andrew,
i was lucky enough to have owned one of these; and gave it away.
karmic payback?
loved the frame and whole ride quality.
please put me in line.
and thanks regardless for your generous spirit!


Thanks everyone for your interest. I think I replied to everyone who messaged me so far. If you haven’t heard back, reach out again to remind me. Thanks!

Thanks again to everyone who reached out about this. The uni has found a new home where I’m sure it will get good use. Wish I could have given one to everyone as there were lots of good options. Thanks again for helping relocate an unused uni!


Hi Andrew I was looking to convert my 24" ive had for 55 years to freewheel. Never ridden a freewheel and it looks like a fun challenge like when you first learn to ride.I am retired and only on Social Security the price on new freewheel unis seems wild to an old guy like me. My son rides and hope to teach the grandson too. Have a 20’ waiting for him ,Just turned six wont be long. Thoughtful thing for you to do .

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