Gold for Panther Pride in Japan ! ! ! !

Good news,
Megan Kowalski is bringing home GOLD!! for her individual freestyle routine.
She came in first in front of a Danish woman and a Japanese woman. Her age
group was 15-29. They were the only ones competing.
This is the routine she came in second in Utah, also out of three.
If I remember correctly from the phone call- Amy Shields came in first for
individual expert freestyle and Amy and Ryan came in first for pairs. Toyeda
Japanese came in second in pairs. This was a great upset. The Japanese ride
beautifully with few skills, although the ones they do are outstanding.
TCUC came in 9th in the Group routines, with the Toyeda group in first out of

Barb K.


Way to go Megan, Ryan and Amy!

Thanks for the update.


Re: Gold for Panther Pride in Japan ! ! ! !

The results of the artistic events are here.

Congratulations everyone.

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Thanks so much for mosting the links.
Please keep posting more if you have can.

Barb K.

Oh yeah, Simon (an Australian unicyclist) got 2nd in the male expert freestyle class!

Congratulations Simon, you deserved it!


Way to go Simon! You’re so awesome. That must be Australia’s best UNICON result, ever!

Unicon 11 - australia’s group routine was awesome…

Any chance of seeing some videos online?

Racing and trials results from unicon