Going to NYC unifest?

Is anyone going to the NYC Unifest this weekend? http://nycunifest.com/

I’m from out of town and will be taking public transit from Long Island to the site on Governor’s Island. I’d love to travel with some other uni riders for sociability and navigation help.

Did anyone go to this last year? It looks like a great gathering.

Yes i am going from Philly.

So sorry wont be taking much public transport as wife and i are staying in a hotel.

Was wondering about what uni’s to bring though especially for Saturday.

29 or 20

I’m going

Hey guys, I’m going for the Bridge crossing on Friday and then to Govenors on Sat. Taught my 8 year old niece to ride and we are crossing the Bridge together. Sorry we are driving in.

My cell is 631 377 6177 if anyone wants to get together.

I’m going to bring a 20" for the sunday events. There’s a workshop on different mounts, one on wheelwalking, and also open trials & unicycle hockey. Saturday has similar activities where the small wheel maneuverability would be best I think.

Are you coming in Friday for the Bridge to Coney Island Ride?

Wish I could, but I can only be there Sunday. :frowning:

Having done the 5-borough tour on a 36er woth 20,000 bikes, it’s great that there’s now a NYC ride where unicycles will be in the majority.

Is anyone planning on doing the Brooklyn Bridge ride on Friday http://nycunifest.com/brooklyn-unicycle-day/

I work at Gramercy Park, and plan to head down the east river to the Brooklyn Bridge at around 1.30, would be great to meet up with a couple of people.

I’ll be doing the ride as long as my unicycle makes it in one piece.

Is it ok to take my unicycle on the subway?

Yes, you can take your uni on the sub. I have decided to take the subway down as I have decided my legs may not make the extra 4 miles.

My son (9), daughter (12), and I will be doing the Brooklyn Bridge ride along with another boy my son’s age I taught to ride. I will be continuing on the 13 mile ride to Coney Island on my 29.

We are also spending Saturday on Governor’s island.

I just spent the past hour swapping cranks and pedals so my son can ride the 24 inch wheel. He hopped on it like he rode it since day 1. When I switch wheels I always say a little prayer, take a minute to check everything, and start from the mail box or sign. He free mount’s on the steep driveway without hesitating and rides away. I wish I learned when I was young.

We are all looking forward for the trip.

Governor’s Island is the place where Aristide accepted a Clintonian proposal to make him president of Haiti again in return for enhancing austerity. It has no drinkable water, except in very expensive little bottles sold out of vending machines, so be sure to bring plenty of your own.

For most of what goes on at GI this weekend, you will not want anything larger than a 24" wheel- not because of austerity measures, but because most of the Unifest activities require agility, and the island is fairly small.

A 20" fits nicely under the benches on the NYC subway.

Damn’ I’m leaving tonight. Didn’t realize there would be the Unifest this weekend. Always nice to meet fellow riders from across the globe, like we did in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago!

It was a great pleasure meeting you too! I hope the rest of your visit was successful and all’s well in Westfalia.


Anyone goin from the Boston Mass area?? Plannin to roll down Saturday for a day trip.

P.s I’m a newb.

Great time at the NY Unifest!

We had a great time riding the bridge and unicycling on Governors Island. Thanks to the organizers for a great event.

On the way out of town we decided to stop by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was surprised to see unicycles locked to the bike rack! Unifest attendees or just normal New Yorkers?


My girlfriend sent me some pictures from Governor’s Island, it’s great and amazing the effort that went into organizing that event. And what she liked (not a unicyclist… yet!) was that it was also geared for the general public, with workshops and unis to try. I’m surprised that this event doesn’t have much of an echo on the forum, surely some of the 300 riders that took part must be members here? Same with the organizers? Or are New Yorkers very independent and not mixing with the rest?

First time at NYC Unicycle Festival. Met a lot of great people. Organizers did an outstanding job. Participated in the ride over the Brooklyn Bridge to Coney Island and went to the festivities at Governors Island on Saturday. Very fun time. My daughter asked if the sign “walk bike or unicycle” outside Fort Jay is there all the time or just for the festival. Anyone know?

It was a great time. Here are some photos - ok, mostly my kids! It is a family friendly event and everyone had a good time. Even my non-riding wife.

My favorites are the one of my daughter being interviewed by a news crew while idling! Such a ham! :slight_smile: And my son finishing the 13 mile ride. A proud moment for dad. :slight_smile:

It was really impressive to see the number of people waiting in line to try a unicycle for the first time. Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers.

What great pictures, and what a cool event! Makes me wish I lived in New York! (At least during that weekend.)

Great photos Jigywigy! I’m the guy that spoke to you on the ferry from Brooklyn on Saturday.