Going to learn how to ride this thing!

Nicely done!

Hour 11.

I’ve read on here somewhere that when you can make it 100’ that it’s not a fluke anymore, and at that point you can call yourself a unicyclist.

Well what’s got two thumbs and can call himself a unicyclist? This guy! :sunglasses:

Obviously I’ve still got a long way to go, but today I’m claiming a victory on “learning” stage. I know how to unicycle now, I just need to fine tune it.

I can easily say that riding 100’ on one wheel was the single most difficult and single most frustrating thing I’ve ever done. Feels good.

And when somebody asks if a fat guy can learn to unicycle? Yes. They can.

Thanks everyone for the advise and encouragement. Truly appreciate each and every word.

Excellent work!

A few short months ago I was where you are upto now.

On the weekend I rode 4 miles without a UPD (including crossing streets etc) and I have been doing this for a while.

I did about 18 miles on the weekend (converting from 26 kms??).

Not much compared with the folk that knock out 100mile rides in one day and I have no idea how they do it but I have slowly improved over the last 6 months to the point where on a 10 - 15km ride I dont UPD more than once or twice.

I have free mounting almost sorted and can ride on the rough and up and down dale and other things I never thought I would ‘crack’ at this stage.

What I am trying to say is that you have broken the back of learning this beast of a thing. Its a bugger to learn and at least as difficult as learning to place and aircraft back on the ground smoothly and possibly way more frustrating and certainly physically harder than almost anything you can do.

But I am sitting here suffering at the moment with a bent big toe and two very sore knees (not much skin missing) and two yet again thrashed wrists…

Had a fall, hard, very hard into the footpath and I have no idea what went wrong.

Even though I only ride a 24 and didn’t feel I (moir!) needed protection, I am now going shopping for some padding. I didn’t intend to buy any until I went 29 or 36 knowing that I couldn’t outrun a dive over the front.

After an un expected stack like yesterday though, and after a broken rib and heaps of missing skin (that doesn’t seem to grow back as fast at 47) I am going to face the facts of what many say here and ‘pad up’!

Another handy hint would be to get a top flight cycle. My Nimbus is superb. Just goes and goes with no issues. Such a smooth tight ride.

Keep at it, you are on the down hill run now to cracking the unicycle code.


> Had a fall, hard, very hard into the footpath and I have no idea what went wrong.

Hope it won’t keep you out of the saddle for very long. :frowning:
( I’ve abused my padding so far, so I plan on keeping it on! )

Very encouraging to hear that not long ago you were where I’m at, and now actually riding it a good distance. I’m really looking forward to it.

> Another handy hint would be to get a top flight cycle.

I have a nimbus 24" MUNI, seems like a well enough built machine. I did make a mistake and get the nice KH seat, that’s now starting to get some holes in the side from sliding on the pavement when I fall. Also had to take the pedal spikes off, those things aren’t fun when you’re a newb.

I think you did the right thing getting a good quality seat, it will help you a lot while learning. I still use stock qu-ax seat and it caused me so much problems at the start. There were days when i couldn’t go riding because of my thighs that got this “awesome” blue/green/brown colour from squeezing the seat too tight. It’s not the problem anymore but I’m still looking forward to getting a good seat.

Very interesting to see progress and compare it with my own :smiley:

My story is a bit different (sorry for log post):

Learning alone on QuAx 26" in the mornings. What I did - read a lot of forum topics and watched videos. It happend this spring, so memories and fillings still fresh :roll_eyes:

Before starting outside I learned mount near wall and riding holding the walls in my apartment (without furniture - just bought it) for about 2-3 hours in total.
Have no any success even in riding 4 meters. I think it because of walls - I was trying to reach (and hold on) the wall, riding was not an aim in that “falling-forward-thunder-speed-hyper-jump”.

After that I started my “workouts” outside…

First day (one hour) I was trying ride along high fence (made of steel rods) and found that not really good because I have to see where I putting my arm.

Second day (one hour) figured how to place foot on pedal (before I was doing it like on MTB), found flat place with curbs and building corner… started with “step over the unicycle” exercise, then some tries to ride from curb pushing from building corner. With pedals in horizontal position. Max about 2 meters.

Third day (one hour) continue step over and curb + corner starts. Max about 4-6 meters in ~5% of tries.

Fourth day (one hour). That flat training place is about 10x10x10x10 meters with outgoing uphill road and turn - to the right side more steep uphill and to the left side flat road. So this day I did my first 100 meters without UPD and mounting from curb without wall.

Fifth day (two hours) riding about 500 meters on sport ground and ~30% of success free mounts.

Sixth day (hour and a half) ~50% success free mounts and first 4km ride on sea shore (with lots of UPDs of course).

So it was about one week of ~10 hours trainings.

Key moments I learned are - correct foot position on pedal. Leaning forward with “belt buckle” area. Put seat as high as possible (absolutely straight legs) and then lower it on 0.5-1cm. Do not try ride straight (this is strange and you think that you UPD becose of that, but no and this helps a lot).

Wow, all of that in a week?! It took me quite a bit longer!

I did have about a week with a huge problem that I couldn’t correct, then took 10 days off… but even taking those off it took me 5-6 weeks to even get to the 100’ mark.

Yesterday I was able to get 100’ a few times, and close to is quite a few more times. I’m not quite there yet it’s getting better all the time. I have noticed with increased seat time things are starting to click more and more.

I want to hit 200’, then start on either turning or free mounting. Soon!

I just was not able to have purchased from another part of the world muni and just look at it :smiley:

Use light poles and curbs! More space you have for riding - more distance you will cover. Hmmm sounds strange :o

uncommited, Im enjoying reading your progress. I can relate because I too am a heavier riderat the same height and 250. I put my progress videos on you tube and have a few in my album. I guess my style would be called Downhill Technical. Im still learing all the lingo. Keep us posted