Going to Boston 12/22-29

Anybody in the area I can ride with? I would still rate myself as a beginer, I can’t fremount or do tricks yet, but I can ride off curbs firly consistently.

My plane arives late Friday night and I leave the following Friday morning.

Edit: my longest day was 15 miles on my 24 DX in 3:30 hours not including two breaks.

I sent you a PM.

Thats a shame, I would have gone riding but I’m in NH until around January 5th.

I’ll be staying with my Mom in Somerville, about 1.5 mi. north of MIT.

She’ll be very busy up till Christmas so maybe a ride or two then, or after.

What a long day of traveling. Well I’m finally here!

So anybody up for a ride sometime in the next week?

Well I’m here again (now actually in Boston) after a MUCH more pleasant flight than last year :sunglasses:
I figured better to post here than make a new thread.

Anyone up for some rides? There is something happening for First Night, on New Years Eve, inviting people to come w/ “special skills”

This time I leave on January 9.

I leave on Monday to visit NH for the holiday so if we want to get in some sort ride it will have to be tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Would be cool though.

I’m free tomarrow, but it’s supposed to snow.

It might be better to try to plan something for after you guys get back.
(I’m staying in case someone who’s still local wants to go riding).

I will be in town sometime between the 5th-12th. Hopefully I can get there while you are still around. I will keep you up to date.

I PM’d you guys my contact #'s.
(in the case of Jeremy & Sam, I’m not sure it worked:o)

is there a first night group meeting up?


I didn’t hear of anything organized happening.

I read my departure date wrong. My plane leaves Thursday morning, 1/8.

It’s not supposed to rain/snow for the rest of my stay (freezing on Wednesday), so maybe the trails will be clear enough for me to ride on Tuesday or Wednesday. I can’t ride in snow consistently yet.

Just before this most recent storm I went for a ride around paved path and I rode some of the dirt trails adjoining it. Most of the ones that still had snow were too slippery for me. On the street I can ride through a few inches if it’s fairly soft, or fairly smooth and hard.

Just checking posts after a couple week vacation. I’d be up for a ride before you leave, and I’m in downtown Boston for work. I ride in most days, so let me know if you could make a 5 PM before Thursday. Sorry for the late reply, but I head up a UNi club here in eastern MA., and know most of the guys who responded above. They are akll great riders so hopefully you hooked up with someone!

I PM’d you my contact info. After 1:00, it’d be best to call my cell.

Is anybody else going to be available before Thursday?

Looks like I will not be in town until saturday. :confused: