Going for B.A.S.E on a Unicycle

Nice… extreme unicycling taken to another level :slight_smile:

Cool and crazy!

It looked like you didn’t ride off the cliff, but just held the uni and jumped off. No disrespect, but is it really uni-BASE if you didn’t ride at takeoff or landing? You’re just sort of carrying it, no? I assume your ultimate goal is to ride takeoff and landing, right?

Kind of like a HUGE uni “bomb drop” (remember those from skate board days?). I can’t seem to find it but there was a video on this forum I saw once where the guy would run and jump off things i.e. rocks, walls, etc… and basically land on the uni and ride away. Anybody remember that video or who it was? Kind of cool.

Definately working on riding off. The exit in a BASE jump is the most critical… thus the easiest way for me to kill myself. :slight_smile: Will be working on landing it first, then off to riding it off the earth, building, antenna, span. :slight_smile: B.A.S.E

Hoping for another jump later this week with a higher flare. Anybody in the area of Riverside, CA that wants to come out and help… PM me.


Are you a fairly new rider? Either way, as a suggestion from a semi-experienced unier, work a lot on your unicycling and after a while you’ll achieve a confidence good enough to try the critical take-off. But maybe wait until you feel pretty darn confident - don’t rush it if your takeoff needs to be highly calculated, exact, etc.

But, dude, “earth, building, antenna, span”? E.B.A.S.

Landing Attempt #2

Agree on the fact i need to get better at riding before I get the exit down. I am definately a beginner. I’ll keep trying the landing because it is very FUN!!! Hope to get out to one of the SoCal rides soon.


If you can, a second or two before landing, get a hand onto your handle.

Before your next jump with a unicycle, learn to rolling hop over a pallet that is laying flat on the ground, and also be able to drop off of a table high drop.

By then your rolling hops should be good enough, and knowing a decent drop/landing form will make it easier to roll out with when you do another base jump.

Also, this one doesnt need to be as well executed during normal jumping, but before landing, dont be sitting down. Feet on pedals, hand on the handle, but some distance between you and the seat.

Will all make since after you practice drops a bit more.

Sounds like you might need 3 hands?

2 to flare, one for the uni :slight_smile:

Jerrick’s on the right track for preparing for a landing with lots of forward speed. But I don’t think you need to practice the “jumping” over the pallet, just the landings. If you can ride off low objects with some speed, that should be good practice. Work your way up to higher things. If you can cruise off a loading dock at walking speed or better, it would be a good simulation of that “ankle vs. balls” landing. :slight_smile:

Right now it looks like the shock of landing is knocking your feet off the pedals. No, I’m not suggesting toe clips! Just practice. Jump around. Your landing flare looked excellent from what little I know of skydiving. You should definitely be able to learn the skills to ride away from that. Your first landing attempt was a lot faster, and would have been difficult for even very experienced riders.

Great advice!

I have gotten to the point where I can rolling hop around 1.5’ now and ride it out. The part about not sitting on the uni is actually something i wasn’t trying. I will try that next time for sure.

I’m having a lot of fun with this one so please feel free to get a hold of me on facebook to see the stills and other conversations. (http://www.facebook.com/taylor4pickles)

From the BASE side:
This landing attempt has become a kind of fun side mission for all my close friends and I. Here is what we have been discussing to change after this second attempt:

  1. Flare more like a swooper with toggles to your side and behind putting the chest forward. (Kinda how the clown flared). This will put my CG over the unicycle.
  2. I need to continue the flare until the wheel touches down. This last attempt i tried to grab the handle just before touch down and the canopy surged forward to come out of it’s stall. Put me on my belly. :slight_smile:
  3. My friends want to Direct bag me off next time to give me an extra 2 seconds of canopy time so i can hopefully steer away from the rock pile i hit this time.
  4. Debate of front riser-ing to generate more speed to allow for a more powerful flare. Scary!!
  5. After landing: Hop til canopy touches down, cutaway canopy, ride off into the sunset. :slight_smile:

Thanks johnfoss.

Will focus mainly on dropping from things in the next few days before another attempt. I believe I have a great park bench right by my house.

My ankle hurt the most during the day, but after the start of my first game in bowling league yesterday evening i realized it was my groin muscle I tweaked the most. All good today though.

mysty, saw this video and thought you might enjoy it - a BASE jumper, tight rope walker guy.

Balancing act

That’s Dean Potter, who’s main gig is actually that he’s a world-class climber. He’s invented “B.A.S.E.-soloing”, climbing a mountain with only a chute for protection. He soloed the North face of the Eiger this way.

He also got in trouble for climbing Delicate Arch and possibly leaving rope marks (though he claims they’re not his).

been working on the drops for a good month now. Might give it another try tomorrow morning, however, skydiving nationals are in 2 weeks and I’m not sure I want to chance getting hurt. Thanks for the advice… and I will both ride off and land this thing sooner or later. Video to come… :slight_smile:

Riverside, CA

I’m getting married November 14th and a bunch of the wedding party including myself will be out BASE jumping a local cliff and riding Muni that morning. Should be about 12 jumpers and 2 unicylists. If anyone wants to join us, I’d love to meet some local Uni Freaks. Moreno Valley, CA, starts around 0700-1100. Might try the Uni BAse but we will for sure see some shananigans as my wedding photographer is an action sports Photo Guru. :slight_smile:

Email me for directions: taylor.cole@navy.mil

Sounds a lot more fun than going to a strip club!