Going Backwards

I am hasing a little troubling going backwards. I can go for about 2 rotations then fall off. I think I’m leading forward to much. Does anyone has any leaning back tips or going backwards tips at all?
Thanks alot.

Start off idling, then take one revolution backwards. Keep idling, try taking two revolutions backwards, then three and so one. Try holding onto a wall and seeing how you are leaning. You don’t want to lean to far foward.

Keep practicing it took me 6+ months to get backwards. I think the idling thing is a really good tip I could ride bacwards before idle and it made learning to idle a breeze but backwards a bitch.

First off, choose whether you want to learn ideling or backwards first. I started with backwards and it took me 3 weeks to get it.

Learning how to idle first doesn’t make the learning process any easier. It doesn’t matter much which one you try to learn first, you’ll still probably want to destroy your unicycle after a week. Just pick whichever one you want to learn (I chose backwards), stick with it, and when you get that down fairly well, the other one just kinda comes with it.

when you riding backwards its help you look to the front and far

i learned by riding up to a wall and slowing down. you are leaning back at this point, then just pedal backwards. it might also elp to walk backwards or run to get rid of some mental blocks that devolp.

Thanks alot for the advice. I seem to be getting better at it.

im gonna try this too, coz im finding this difficlt at the moment

Dont go too fast while going backwards either. I had bruises on my elbows for at least a week becasue i fell going too fast.