Go Fast, Take Chances: Muni Addition


WOW!!! What a great vid, great riding, view and the trail… I enjoyed watching every second of it! Thank you for sharing.

Have fun,


I love the video…are you the one who does a flip in that GIF on GifBin…(I set that as my background at school. and everyone LOVES it. By the way…some of my favorite pictures in Kris Holm’s book are your super long jumps.):D:D:D:D:D:D:D

i ALSO LOVE YOR TRIALS VIDEO…maybe a little bit more

Watched twice! Awesome :astonished:

Will watch a few more times too. Thank you :slight_smile:


Fantastisch video! Could you tell us your MUnis setup (it´s KH 24" or 26"? what tire?) Thanks.

It’s a KH26 with 127/150mm Spirit cranks and the tire is a Maxxis High Roller. Everything on it comes stock on the KH26.

Wow. The bouncing from rock to rock is awesome.

Wow! Loved it. Nice riding, nice terrain, nicely edited.


Great video!!! Love the jumps in mid trail, very inspiring. I tried jumping like that this past week, I’m going to need aloooot more practice, haha.

great vid !