gloves / leg protection by KH

As announced there are comming new gloves this (?) autumn.
Is anybody knowing something from this - color etc - pictures?
I realy hope that they are not also blue…

But more important for me is the legarmor - I want to by it - are there diffenent models like old and new gloves ? (I have seen some old red gloves)
They told me that the legarmor is 2007 - is there any different modell

or is a new one also as the gloves comming ?


The new gloves are out. They are the same grey & black color as the previous version. They have the following improvements:
-better fit at the wrist with more breathability
-palm protection extends further over the carpal area and is more protective
-semi-flexible splint is wider and provides more wrist support without feeling like a splint.
-sizes up to XL

Unfortunately the leg armor production is delayed by several months. I hope there will be some available closer to Christmas but I can’t say for sure just yet.