Hello! My name is Ray. I recently learned to glide my unicycle. It is awsome! I recomend this skill to anyone. I can’t glide vey far yet, about 10-15meters, but do any of you have some tips to emprove my gliding, or do any of you know were I can find some tips on the web or something?

                                                                       Thank you,

diferent surfaces, diferent shoes and diferent tyres,
diferent conditions in general.
especialy diferent slopes.

Congratulations! I haven’t even tried gliding yet. I think I have to learn to wheel walk well (I can for a little bit now) then one foot wheel walk, then glide. Are you doing this down a slope?

Andrew Carter

Sorry, I don’t have any tips for you. Gliding is way in the future for me. But I do suggest that you change your profile – “Unicycling Newbie” is hardly a fitting title for someone who can glide! (and congratulations, by the way)

uni57 (Dave) - A true “unicycling newbie”