hey guys i just self taught my self to glide about 200 feet but my problem is i fall forward and is that because im not going fast enough i just fall right off the front some people say that it looked like i did it on purpose but i need help


i hAVe No uSeFUl infORmAtiOn AboUt gLIdinG BuT i gOT SEconD rEplY oMgZzZZz

On a more serious note if you can already go 200 ft that’s a pretty long way and I would just put your feet back on the pedals and ride out if you feel yourself slowing down. Practice will probably clear it up for you.

Also, starting a new thread and bumping a really old thread is overkill. Pick one.

thanks i know what you mean julia b i shouldnt of started a new thread ill remember next time

It’s alright. :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck with the gliding.

If you are gliding for 200 feet then it will definitely look like you did it on purpose. Well done!

Before you start working on your gliding, you may want to practice with your computer keyboard, and locate useful keys such as shift, full stop and enter. It may help people to interpret the words you are trying to convey if you can manage to use them successfully in your future posts.

Getting back to pedals from gliding is fairly easy. I usually slow down and catch the back pedal with my foot and give the wheel one last push with my dominant foot before riding off. Riding after gliding makes it look much more controlled and intentional.

If by falling off the front you mean you wish to have glided further, then I suggest you find a hill with the right gradient- not too steep but steep enough- with a smooth surface. Put very little pressure on the tire, sitting upright with your arms out. You will find the balance of leaning forward, pushing the tire and dragging your foot, and if you go too fast you lean back a bit and drag your foot a bit harder to slow down- trying to do this as little as possible if wanting to go fast.

Good luck with your practice, and be prepared to buy a new pair of shoes and a new tire sometime. You will probably do a few unintentional coasts too when you start getting good at fine control for light pressure gliding- as I guess gliding and one footed riding are precursors to coasting.

speaking of needing new shoes. I’ve officially worn holes completely through the soles of two pairs of shoes in the last 4 months now from gliding. Luckily all my shoes I currently have were free but I’m looking for something with a nice durable sole now that will last longer than 2 months. haha shoes survived soooo much longer when I was just doing trials.

use vans for flatland shoes. they have a really grippy sole. that or converses.