glider uni

so yesterday I took a bunch of my friends parts ( the important ones were with permission) and built a glider uni.
LX wheel set without cranks
lx frame with 2 peices of seat post welded on near the bottom of the legs
DX seat

no high speed wobbles because their is no crank, and really fun once you get over the balance change. because your foot is lower your balance is better but your foot is also out a little farther
I think I got the pictures attatched
opinions, comments

glider uni 001small.JPG

glider uni 005small.JPG

this looks more like a bc uni. a glider uni is a term used for a unicycle used for gliding, like with your foot as a brake.

I wonder if it’s possible to put magura brakes on a BC incase you have alot of hills where you live. That would be something :p.

actually this has a seat and bc doesnt that pretty cool i might do that

i did say bc uni. not just bc. that means it’s supposed to have a seat.

didnt see

the pegs are above the axel so balancing on it is really hard bc style and technically it is called coasting
what I do is put one foot on the peg and the other foot on the tyre and GLIDE.

zfreak220 -
I am pretty sure if I was trying to build a BCuni I would be smart enough to to put the plates/pegs below the axel
I think you guys are thinking it is a BCuni because their are 2 pegs. their are 2 pegs because I put my left on the frame and my friend who’s frame it is uses his right

I think that’s an awesome idea. How do you get it going though? WW?:slight_smile:

Jump mount- to coaster- to glide?

that would be really impressive. if I am ever feeling extremely suicidal I might try that:D

to get it going I just WW into the glide

That looks pretty sweet, I have always wanted to ride a BC-uni-esque thing

You mean like this?? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Evan built one with a disk brake.

I have one of those :wink:

You could try: mount - to scooter (pust with feet)- to glide

i was messing around with that today and it works. I just need to get the balance for it

Is it home built/D.I.Y or did you order it? Cause in a way. It looks cool but must be hard to ride. Unless it as simple as using one of those step up treadmills.:smiley: :smiley:

Its all about the balence :wink:

evan built one with a v brake also

the same site you linked to sayed that “I glide a 24” Miyata with cranks. The Miyata has a very responsive and light frame with a good place to put your foot. But this is not the optimum setup for gliding. I haven’t experimented much, but I think a 26" would be best. Cranks cause high speed oscillations (discussed in the how to section) so they need to be removed for optimum perfomance. Also, a peg would be affixed to the frame somewhere between the axle and the where the forks join to create a high leavage foot rest. I’m not sure where the best place to put a peg is but I believe the lower it is the better. Tires and shoes are of utmost importance to gliding."

it sounds like torkerdx made preety close to what this guy says is the optimum gliding machine