Glenn Cheatham-Skinny Skills


Whaaaaat! Backwards skinny was sick dude.


keep it up, you’re ready for round skinnies & rails

Thanks man! All it takes is practise.

heh, amazing work dude, going to rubber on that rail was sick!

craaazy video ,
alister a stupid question haha whats is going to rubber hm?

going to rubber is when you do a pedal grab, and go from the pedal to the tyre :slight_smile:

Awesome video! Can you tell me if you know what size tire’s on the uni and how long the cranks are? I’m thinking about starting up some skinny practice and don’t think the 1.85" tire and 75mm cranks on my freestyle will cut it. I love the ride (especially playing basketball) but haven’t been making progress on tricks lately and am thinking about getting another wheelset or entirely new unicycle.

I would get a Trials unicycle with a 19 x 2.5. tire and 125mm cranks.

Thanks for the feedback. I used to have a Nimbus trials but got rid of it when I decided high hops and drops were not my cup of tea (and it wasn’t very good for unicycle basketball). I’d like to work on some flatland and skinny and am trying to figure out if I should make some changes to my freestyle uni or just get a new one. I was hoping the longneck KH from UDC would go on sale but it doesn’t look like that’s happening so I’m seriously considering picking up one of the cheap K1’s you see everywhere.

aaaah thats make sense , ahhaha thanks Alister!