Gladiators DONKEY

Hi Ho.

An addition to the options for uni-gladiators.

I came up with an additional wipe out rule for multi-player gladiators. It keeps
the game moving at a faster pace AND lets the game run for longer.

I adopted the rules from a kids game called DONKEY. Basically every time
that you leave the area or dismount (or are violently flung from your uni
into a palpitating heap on the floor), instead of being immediately out you
get a letter of the word “donkey”. You then jump back on and keep playing
until you have fallen off enough times to accumulate enough letters to spell
the word “donkey”.

Each time you fall off you take the next letter of the word … 1st dismount D
2nd " O 3rd " N 4th " K 5th " E 6th " Y - you are now out of the game. <Ha Ha>

Play continues until you have 1 player remaining. <the winner>

I have found that this rule helps learners get involved as they are more
confident to attack (as a failed attack means a letter, not instant

Have Fun,

Wayne van Wijk

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