Giving Away Nimbus 36er in Madison Area

Hi, I’ve had this uni for about 7 years now, and I’m looking to just part ways with it since I never use it anymore and it just takes up space at this point.

Several of the spokes are broken, so it is a bit of a fixer upper. I’ll also throw in the blue handlebars that came with it as well as a standard uni seat once I dig them out of storage.

If you live around the Madison, WI area then just let me know if you want to come pick it up.

Forgot to post a pic.

PM sent

I’ll come and get it if it doesn’t work out.

Whoa, this is very generous!

I think only a unicylist would do this; can you imagine a roadie/mtb giving away a b*ke?


I would love to come by to pick this item up, if it is not already claimed. I am in the Madison area, and I can come by at your convenience.

Hope you enjoy the uni UnderTheLake, and I hope whoever picks up my custom freewheeler enjoys that, too. :o

Thanks, iAmVincent. I may not win any races at Nationals, but I feel like I already won the big prize!