I need some feedback on people who have 26 uni.
Been riding my Coker for over year now, like it much.
But now need some more flavor to do other things.
I can’t do tricks like wheel-walking or hopping on Coker due to its size.

First reason for 26 uni; anything smaller like 24 is way too small for me(my height 5’9"). I thought of buying 27,28, and even 29 uni, but I like the 26 tire.
Second, I like the large selection of tires on 26 inch. With a Coker there is NO selection on tires at all. :roll_eyes:

The Torker 26 is what I am considering buying:

Give me your input!
Thanks :slight_smile:

If you want to learn freestyle skills, a 26" is still quite large. I’m 5’9" and ride a 20" wheel for freestyle. For wheel-walking you need plenty of clearance between the saddle and wheel to manoeuvre your legs. I recommend you get no larger than a 24" if freestyle and hopping around are your goals.

From the sounds of it he wants something that goes faster and is more useful than a 20.

A 26 is still pretty wheel walkable, I am about 5’10" and I can wheel walk my 29er. It is just a bit harder.

Why not buy a 24" with a 3" tire… it has the approximate same diameter as a regular 26" and you can use it for trials also…
I’m 5’11" and my 24"x3" is plenty large for me and I do trials and freestyle on it.

And there’s also plenty of tires to choose from for 24"s, so you can use the same uni for muni, freestyle, hockey or just cruising around on.

There are more tyres available for 26"s, but a lot of them are XC mountain bike tires that are too narrow to be good for muni anyway.

i just made myself a 26" muni and i will never go back to a smaller wheel! I can ww and glide on it no problem. Trust me get it! I dont understand why ppl use 24" now. The 26" is faster, rolls things better, and is more stable on most things.

maybe because people like me don’t fit on them:)

seth, it take it your computer is fixed now?

also, back on topic, the 26" torker lx is a great uni, but the seat is very very uncomfortable.

Hmm, he already has a Coker…

But, did you initially learn to WW on a large wheel?

A small wheel is, in my experience, much more practical for learning freestyle skills. If nothing else, I save a lot of energy by not having to jump up so high to remount every time I fall off, and the slowness and closeness to the ground make for less chance of nasty injury when falling off.

Nah, I’m 5’9" now and I ride a 24" and 20" trials (20" mostly). I initially learned how to unicycle on a 24", I must have been somewere below 5’4" or something then.

My first real uni was the Nimbus 26" muni. I rode it a little then swapped the giant 26x3" knobby out for a slick 26x2.125" whitewall and started learning all the basic skills. I’m 5’9" as well and find the 26" to be a nice all around ride. You have to scrunch up a little to wheel walk, but it’s not bad once you get used to it.
I found the 170 cranks too long for anything but real rough off roading. You’ll probably want shorter ones if you plan on doing any freestyle. I swapped mine for 140s and it improved the ride greatly. It doesn’t look like you can squeeze too big a tire in the Torker frame, but that might not be an issue if you don’t plan on doing any serious muni.
The 26" is great for all purpose riding and I would definatly recommend one, however, you might want to check out some 24" unis as well. My brother has a 24" Nimbus II with 125mm cranks and a Hookworm tire that feels real nice for freestyle work. It’s not quite as fast as my 26", but the shorter cranks let you zip along at a decent pace.
Hope this helps a bit. Whatever you decide, I doubt you’ll be dissapointed.


the seat on an lx is beter than the cx is which is what i have

actually, not really. the lx seat chaffes a lot more. it has a handle though.