giraffe video

giraffe video

Nice mounts. Did you actually get kicked out. :thinking:

The camara should be more stable but other than that a good video.

How’s your head?

Was that concrete beam lower than the others, or did you just forget to duck for that one too?

The Torker giraffe is the TX, not the LX.

where are the sets and uni spins?

what did the loadspeaker say?

nice song.

Yea if you listen carfully you can he a guy say “hey not in here pal.” and my friend who filmed that day was already really tired so it was pretty unstable

i tried to duck backward for that one but i didn’t make it and i thought i did put TX but mabey not.


“customer service to the front please customer waiting.”

thank you i had to cut it shorter and didn’t know exactly how it would turn out

on the giraffe. anyone can do sets and spins on a regular uni.

I didn’t do any