Giraffe Unicycle - Views and Opinions

Hi there,

With the run up to Christmas, I’ve been asking everybody for money to get myself a Giraffe unicycle.

My plan is to buy this one from Butterfingers:

Just wandered if anybody on here had any views, thoughts or opinions about this particular model or what to look out for in a good giraffe uni.

Any help and advice is always greatly appreciated!

Take care


It looks like the nimbus performer to me. That is a good giraffe uni. I haven’t used one but twin chains are a good thing I know that much.

Yeah, looks to be the Nimbus performer. I have no experience with the Nimbus Performer.

I was thinking of geting the Performer, but ended up a tad short on cash, so I opted for the Nimbus twin chain 5ft giraffe. Sods law, about a month after I get the 5ft twin chain I find out that I know someone who can get the Performer for £240 delivered, grrr

Anyhow, the 5ft is fun to ride, easy to pedal, and quick, but I’m flogging it. I worked 3 gigs this year on it, and I think for next year I’ll use either my 3 wheeler or my 2 wheeler.

Lol, shameless plug here>

i Just got one of these last week, but it snowed so i couldn’t ride it, IL be trying it out tonight in both forms, IL tell you how it goes

Ignore the shameless plug, it’s gone.

I just got my nimbus 5ft giraffe today, it’s fun to ride, it’s a bit scary at first, but it’s fun. I bought it for 145$ on sale from

So I just got back from riding my nimbus 5/7ft dual chain etc…
Its AWESOME, iv never had a smother ride, its geared fast a LITTLE bit and it makes it feel so awesome, I was riding it as FAST as i could just because i felt that comfortable on it, Iv never been on a better giraffe, or unicycle for that matter, I had 3 other experienced giraffe riders ride it in teh 7ft mode and they too said it was a really nice ride
I highly suggest getting one, its worth the price