Giraffe Unicycle Sticker

Hey guys, how about this one? You know we love your feedback!

Thanks, we appreciate it!

(its the last one on the page)


it might be a little confusing to the non-uni (nuni?) folk, but i like the concept. don’t think i would buy the sticker though.

I think it’s hilarious because it seems like the giraffe is riding a UW. Also, i would love to see that in reality too also. :stuck_out_tongue:

^^ no I that would be cruel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good point, what about a CGI version then???

yer that would be ok

i also like the idea of a weird giraffe/uni hybrid.
I hope you don’t mind me taking your core idea and having a little fun with it.
This is a sketch I did tonight in Flash after seeing your sticker.


Let me be the first to say, that is absolutely awesome and hilarious. :smiley:

I like this one a lot better. Nice sketch!

Ian, your artwork rules!

hehe. thanks, guys.

Love it!

That looks great! If you can do a black and white version, maybe we can work out some stickers.

Email me @ ogre AT ogreshirts DOT com

Sure, I’ll do a more finished drawing in black and white and shoot you an email when I finish.

These stickers are now available at

The shits will be up and running within a day or two at


(Ian, yours will be in the mail shortly! Thanks!)

Sorry to hear that, lol
Too much exlax?! Haha

(Sorry, just couldn’t let that go…lol)

Now its a Giraffe Tshirt!

I tried really hard to ignore the poo joke, but when I read my typo, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Lol, sorry just cracked me up!

Btw, the stickers look awesome, may have to get one