giraffe uni 4 sale

:smiley: hey all im still trying to sell my giraffe as i want to go taller!

i tried for ages to sell it for £100 so im dropping the price to £80

its a qu-ax 5.5 foot frame with a ringworm tyre. metal pedals and KH seat

now before any prick chimes in with “dont you mean hookworm tyre?”
its a ringworm tyre, check out the maxxis website!

see attached picture.


P1010053 (Small).JPG

im guessing shipping to chicago would be more than the giraffe

oh well

How much money is that americnan?

107 USD… shipping to you from essex would be almost as much as he’s asking for the giraffe, I’d buy from a US resident if you are in the market for a giraffe. Sorry BungleBanks

LOL exactly what I was thinking. Really nice uni though. I would totally rather have that then my Torker Tx.