Giraffe Mount


Just thought i would post this link to my giraffe album.


Good job. How long have you had your giraffe for?

Ive had it since Christmas, so thats 48 days today :slight_smile:

I love it, but because of the rain, i aint been out on it much :frowning:

I do take it to unicycle club though, and ive learnt to spin, pirouette, idle, and one footed idle. And mount it :smiley:


I’ve had a 5 footer since Christmas. Can mount with high %. Mounted friends 6 footer after a few tries. Way fun. I know that being comfortable on the 5er has a lot to do with it.

I’m still too chicken to try many tricks. Bravo to you. I idle some. A little backwards. These are actually easier on the Giraffe. Next I’ll try one foot.

tom mount 6ft-small.jpg