Giraffe - Down under

I want to sell a beautiful 7 foot high custom unicycle.

It was made by an engineer who used to specialise in handmade velodrome racing
bicycles and artistic and other trick cycles. He used to perform trick cycling
too so he knew his stuff.

I commissioned him to make this bike about 8 years ago, paid a small fortune for
it, rode it about a year and then decided that I prefer my 5 foot (better for
roving through crowds).

It has since been collecting dust in my garage and the time has come to sell it.

It cost me $1200-00 when it was new. If I get $600-00 (Australian) i
will be happy.

Any takers?

Wayne van Wijk

Re: Giraffe - Down under

MiyataUni wrote in message <>…
>>If I get $600-00 (Australian) i will be happy.
>Just out of curiosity, what is $600 australian equivilent to in
>american dollars?
>Dennis (

Australian $600 = 240 UKPounds = US $403


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