Giraffe and Multiwheel step-up mount

Curently, I’m practicing 1 foot wheel walk which I’ve almost perfected. In my spare time when it’s dark or rainy and can’t practicin one foot wwalk, I go in the carport and practice the step up mount on my giraffe. I can get it 1 out of every 4 tries.

Should I step up as fast as I can or a bit slower to control it?

Should I pedal just as I’m about to get on or pedal when I AM ON?

Any other tips?

Multi-wheeled step-up mount:
I’ve discussed this a bit with ducctape on 3 wheeler unicycles, I want to learn to step up on the wheels anassisted and mount the 3 wheeler so anymore advice would be appreciated.
And for a 2 wheeler I guess it would be the same, step on the tyres and climb but it would be weird because if you pedal backwards liek an idle to keep you ballanced, I’ll go forwards and stuff up…

Have you got your multiwheeler now then?

nope but I should in a few weeks.

Don’t worry about the speed too much, rasther focus on keeping it smooth.
The order is:
foot on tyre,
foot on pedal,
bum on seat,
second foot on pedal,
find balance, ride off grinning broadly.

There was a stunning write-up of the mount a while back, I’ll see if I can find you the link.

Ah, here you go.

Read the whole thread, there’s some good stuff in there.

And remember the breathing.
Avoid taking a deep breath as you launch into the mount.
That just causes you to stiffen up your upper-body and makes teh mount much harder.
Rather, take a deep breath, start breathing out and when you’re about halfway thru breathing out, GO!
Slide up the side of your raffie like a Korean circus-gymnast.

Can you running mount your giraffe? I worked a festival last weekend, and the running mount got a great reaction from the festival goers. I’m learning to do a running mount on my 2 wheeler later on today. Well, I say I’m learning, I tried a couple of times, and it’s easier to get onto a 2 wheeled unicycle than it is to get on a giraffe because a 2 wheeler isn’t as tall as the giraffe. Getting your head round doing a running mount and pedaling forward to bring the uni to you then pedaling backwards, it’s wierd, but it’s surprisingly do-able.

Oh, and I posted a couple of vids of me on the 2 wheeler for the first time in 5 months, they are in your other thread. After such a break from the 2 wheeler, I picked it up quite well.


I’ve landed it once or twice, but never reliably.

I wasn’t good at it till I worked the festival, many idiots in the way, so I had to dismount a lot. This lead to a fair bit of practise of running mounts, on the grass too with ruts everywhere, got it nailed now.


In that thread I linked to, John Foss warns about the extra stress it puts on your frame.
Just thought I’d point it out.

Lol, cool, at least now if the giraffe dies, i’ll have an idea why.

Yea I can run on mount my giraffe, may need just a little more practice tho. I’ll try out the running mount when I go busking and see what the public think.