Gilby and theNothting

it may be late and ive had a couple of pops but this site is so weak…the more people that offer ideas, the more it remains the same…with the exception of you just axeing shit like the post count years ago and now the image sig line…where are the real improvments?..where is the passion? this site is the #1 unicycling site but remains under the thumb screws of neglect.

bit of sarcasim here but in one way it seems to be the way RSU is heading…how about we get rid of the names and user pc options all together and just post as automatons.

oi mate…chiiiiiilll!
That’s a fairly reactionary thing to say really. Calm yourself, running this forum and a life at the same time must be pretty hard work! Credit where credit’s due, and vice versa. But I reckon you’re being a bit harsh. Go check out the “are unicyclists more likely to smoke pot” thread in JC and see if someone’ll sort you out with a nice big fat jazz cigarette.


I do like anamatronics…

Improvements are on the way though, it just takes a bit of time to get a forum this size changed and have everything work that should work.

Re: Gilby and theNothting

I don’t see any relationship between Gilby and RSU. RSU is a Usenet newsgroup. you can use (post to, read from) RSU using any usenet server and newsgroups agent; is just another interface that allows to use it.

Usenet newsgroups are just as interesting as people who post to them want to make them interesting. If you are dissatisfied with RSU, you can either stop using it, or make what you think is your best to rise the interest of other users. Don’t focus on cosmetics.

Actually basically is RSU. A vast majority of posts come from is not RSU, it’s an interface to it, plus other “community” stuff.

Underneith all the clutter on my desk, I think there is a magic switch that will instantly add everything to this site that has been suggested and then some… I just can’t seem to find it right now. :roll_eyes:

What I meant was that most of the posts come from the forums…it’s more of a forum now than a newsgroup.

Re: Gilby and theNothting

C’mon Jag! Aren’t you looking a gift horse in the mouth?

what right do you have to complain? your allowed to use everything here for free and you dont have to do any work. Managing a website like this one takes a hell of a lot of work, but you dont see gilby complaining that hes busting his ass for our benefit. if you think its that bad here, make your own website and see how well you can do while still having a life outside of it.

wasn’t jagur kicked off the forums by gilby a long while back for just a few weeks? forgive me if i remembered incorrectly. i just hope there isn’t any bad blood lingering between the two…

jag, i hope you can come to understand and appreciate the work gilby does for you. this attack was unjust and uncalled for. if you have a big problem with the way he manages RSU, why not go straight to him instead of ranting to everybody?

i know gilby has my support in whatever he chooses to do with RSU. his site, his rules