ghetto juggling clubs

im working on learning to juggle clubs, but im on a low budget. so, i figured, why not make my own clubs? after minimal thought, i came upon the conclusion that sticks w/ duct tape might be the perfect “ghetto juggling club”. so, if NE of u have comments on this, feel free to offer comments, constructicve criticism, ideas or any other thingymabobs that i forgot, speak up!!!

google for newspaper juggling clubs instructions. nevermind i did it for you:

or here
or here

they’re all slightly different, so take a look. i’ve used some of those kinds of homemade clubs and they’re alright for learning but after a few weeks of drops you’ll want some real clubs. these things also don’t hold up to passing well at all.

I learned to juggle clubs on newspaper clubs… they work well (Much better balance than a stick). And as a benefit (major for me) they don’t hurt when you get hit with them.

They are surprisingly more durable than you might think. Took me a few hours to make three of them (I used the ones from crazy tie guy’s webpage… Spend some time to make them nice, and you’ll get plenty of use out of them.

Good luck

I appologize for that link not working… I just copied it off the hard copy that I printed out to make the clubs (A couple years ago). That second link is the design that I was trying to link too, just hosted by someone else.

not to worry, i got it to work on my school’s high speed connection (it turned out to be markf’s second link NEway)

If you want to go cheap and fast, go to a dollar store and buy three short-handled plungers. They are suprisingly well-balanced.

i steer people away from plungers usually. i find the weight a litle concentrated at the end. good clubs have it spread a little more evenly along the latter 1/4 of the club. making your own is a cheap and easy alternative. once you learn, i strongly suggest renegades, but its a personal preference. but i had some live through a cross country bike trip with some wear and tear but still looked good after 4300 miles.

had to try

Never tried to juggle with clubs… so I made 3 newspaper clubs this week in school. I loaded the tips with red acrylic paint and will wrap the handles in black hockey tape tomorrow. They are much sweet.

I’ll be sure to post pictures once they are finished.

I know the thread is for hommade clubs, but I’d like to put in a plug for Dube Airflites…around here, we refer to them as ‘military grade’ juggling gear. Unlike most unibodies, they are very difficult to warp with normal use, and can withstand some pretty severe abuse. They’re fairly inexpensive as far as clubs go (if you can find 'em used they’re usually really cheap) and the only real downside I’ve found is that they pack a knockout punch if you blink and miss during a passing pattern.

My apologies for bringing this back to life… but I’m pretty damn proud of my finished clubs.


Those look awesome!!!


very kewl clubs
hopefully they’ll get u so into club juggling that u’ll spring for some ‘real’ clubs sometime soon


Those were some nice clubs… I’ll definetly be bying some once i can club with any consistancy… I’m up to about 10 or so passes without mistake, a bit more pratice and I should start to get it good…

I am trying to start juggling with clubs, and it, i must say, is going pretty good (and i now can idle with right foot down more than 30 times, wonder where this is going!), and since, i’m in a small group of people, who does fireshows, with poi

firebreathing and one girl is doing devilstick.

And NOW, i’m starting to plan making my own fire-jugglig clubs, it shouldnt be too hard, i think.
What i need is three wodden handles, some steel pipe 15mm in diameter, and some kevlar-fabric, and some blots and glew of course.
My grandfather is a carpenter with his own workshop, he could lathen (how they make a wodden baseballbat) the three handles, my dad could get some pipes, and mu uncle could get some kevlar-fabric for me.

But how should they look? How should the handle look to get some nice balance? The vire shouldnt be in the center of gravity.
Is this doable at all?
And yes, i will learn to juggle properly before i start playing with fire.

If you have problems visualising this. take a look at THIS!

Its doable, I wouldnt use steel pipe, just some sheet metal around a dowl rod should do it as the fuel is what is burning not the wood, you just need to shield the wood from catching on fire.

Also I have found having a taper on the club body that stops, as the one pictured, helps shield your hand from the flames when the club is inverted. This is usefull if your using hotter burning fule like colman camping fuel, or whitegas.

Attached I measured one of my renegades, hopefully it will give you a better idea on porportions.



please don’t?! :astonished: :thinking:
just stop doing it right now and in ten years time, when your teeth haven’t fallen out of your head, then u can thank me.

btw, have u tried poi on the uni yet?

Try these two links:

torch construction 1


torch construction 2

Here’s a pic of my ghetto homemade torches.



I don’t do the firebreathing part, and i’m not planing to.

And, i have tried poi on the uni, but not with fire, i need to learn to stay idle (and then to poi at the same time, and then make it look good, and then do it with fire). I started to wobble alot, but i think it’s doable. The thing with poi is that you move around alot, allmost dance, so i need some practise!

i’ll take a look on those blueprints, or drawings, construction manuals, or whatever it is called. :slight_smile:

And now… How fat should the… bode be? I do want them to go on some average speed, not superfast, and not slooooooow. And how long should the fat bit be?