getting trials tires in the US?

it seems that the only tire readily available in the US is the creepy crawler, and i am growing very tired of it’s crappiness, i found the try all at renegade, and that is probably what i’ll buy, but i’m just wondering if there are any more reasonable sources for buying trials tires in the US.

trialsin is retarded, no way am i paying $98 for an eagle claw… seriously … what the heck??

:angry: I agree i went on udc and I couldnt find any trials tires except the creepy crawler and an onza one with a red strip in the middle… :angry:

Shipping won’t be that bad.

Well Dont know if this is a good tire but check it out, pretty cheap!?!?!?

Dont bother. So far from what I’ve heard, that tire blows harder then the Prevailing Westerlies.

I actually got that! hehe

I e-mailed them and they said its b/c the heavy import charges and what-not that they have to pay.

Last I knew they were out but e-mailing again won’t hurt!

edit: Unless HBtrials gets the MEC in I’ll prob just end up getting the Try-All, 'cause my CC sucks

Lol, it just came to me. hehe

I actually painted my CC today and it looks cool. If you paint your flat black tire to glossy black it dresses your unicycle up soo much!

uh, i like the look of mine with all the angled threads showing through the sidewalls!
its so awesome :slight_smile:

i’m going for an MEC or tryall
but that is a bunch of BS. trialsin used to sell the mec tire for $45 or so.
i’m probably going to end up w/ a tryall

Id just buy the MEC from another site, even with shipping, you are going to save 30-40 dollars for what you can get it at over here.

pics please?

i got two lunas from darren.

Yeah I have decent tread left but my sidewalls are SHOT! My tire also wore horrible 'cause I never heard of rotating for a long time when I was a total nube:p

I heard that trialsin changed ownership…so that could be why they are so much now. :roll_eyes:

does anyone know were I can order a white try-all tire from without paying as much for shiping as the tire? Im in the US also…

I’ve heard that Renegade can order it.

That’s pretty much the opposite of what I heard.

Sponge seems they are OK. At least as good as the CC by the sound of it.

He says they’re good, and he’s right.