getting to unicon from copenhagen airport - metro advice


this is very late, but is anyone knowledgeable in what tube to take - the line number/colour and maybe if there are any changes?

I understand i should get off at KB-hallen or Peter-Bangsvej. What’s easiest/best for registration?

I’m travelling with rob Northcott and aj so they might be more organised than me, but we never know. Leaving at 4.45am tmrw for the airport, but I’ll probably check this post on my phone when i land if no one has replied in the morning at 4.


It is all really well marked at the airport, but I would make sure you have directions printed out so that you can show it to someone in case you are confused at all. Everyone I have talked to (lots of random strangers) seems to speak English which is really useful too.

When I went to FLUCK last summer, I just had my own personal driver to take me around (Kristian Sommer, picked me up from the airport) :smiley:

I couldnt find information either so i’m tagging along with one of the airport escort groups.

Its scheduled for 17:30, …dont know what time your landing though

That’s a very early flight! Unless of course the time you leave includes driving a long way to the airport! There are escorts coming to the airport who will have Unicon signs and be waiting in the arrivals, but if they don’t know you’re coming they might not be there around the time you get there. You better hope someone travelling at the same time as you has sent the email with flight details asking for an escort! Then you can just tag along with them. See you there!

Take the metro from Lufthavnen (means the airport) station (right below the arrival hall) and get off at Flintholm station. From there you can take either S-train line F (yellow, heading towards Ny Ellebjerg) to KB Hallen station - or you can take one of the S-trains line C (orange, heading towards Klampenborg) or line H (red, heading towards Østerport) to Peter Bangs Vej station.

Frederiksberg Hallerne are situated almost right between the two stations, and you will have to walk approx. 10 minutes to get there.

Hope, you’ll find it! :slight_smile:

Best regards,
(not in the Unicon-staff, just reading here)

That’s perfect thanks alot. ANd it’s early because I have to get to stansted flight is at 7.30 or something.