Getting into/riding out of standupww?

I am really improving on standup wheel walking, and would like to learn how to get into/out of it. riding out of it sounds easier, you just sit down into 1fotww, right? Getting up into it seems much harder, maybe from hopping on wheel…? Are their any better ways?

I searched, and didnt find what I wanted.

And also, my walking foot rubs againts the side of my seat, and I have a raw spot inside my knee. Am I doing something wrong/the hard way, or I guess thats probally normal.

To get into stand-up wheel walk:
Ride along slowly while holding the seat, then when your driving foot is near the top of a cycle, plant it on the wheel and fork and brake, leaning back a fair amount. Now in one swift motion, transfer the other foot to the frame, stand up, move your driving foot down, and start taking quick steps. You need to go really fast for the first couple steps. The main thing to remember is to lean back and do it fast. My suggestion is that once you do actually get into it from riding, don’t use the wall again to get into it. This will force you to learn the transition faster.

To get out of stand-up wheel walk:
Try to be aware of where the pedals are. When the pedal corresponding to your driving foot is coming down in front, take your driving foot off the wheel and “fall” down forward, so that your driving foot hits the pedal, at the same time bending the leg on the frame down so that you end up sitting on the seat. You should hold the seat during this maneuver, at least at first.

I can get the transition to stand-up wheel walk most of the time, but I’m not very good at getting out of it.

There are lots of ways to get into stand-up wheel walk besides the one I described including jumping up, standing up from 1ftww or gliding, and mounting into it, by climbing up or jumping.

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Did you see the next 3?

in (idle 2 standup-ww)

in (same but frh)


  • the pedal position when going down
  • do not wear white socks

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No, I didnt, thank you. Silly me, I didnt think to look on other websites!:o

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After what, two weeks? of practicing off and on this way, I still only made it once. So today I got bored, so I decided to try it another way, by jumping straight from the pedals to standupww, and after 6 tries I made it, 5 minutes later and I can do it COMPLETLY consistantly. This is the way to go, was for me at least. Its scarier, and maybe more dangerous, but its definitly more easy to jump straight into it. Getting into it from idling didnt work at all for me.