Getting into music because of unicycling.

I just realized that a lot of my music that I listen to often comes from other unicyclists. For example, I bought Voice in the Wire’s album because I like the track on Defect so much, and I downloaded some 800 octane that I listen to from time to time. Also, Murde mental introduced me to Buck 65, which is some great stuff. It’s funny, but it seems to me like I’ll like a song a lot more if it’s in a uni video. I know I wouldn’t like all the rap that’s in some videos (shaun’s come to mind) if I was just listening to it, but because it’s a uni video I like it just fine. I noticed somebody else (I think it was spencer?) had 800 octane in one of their videos, so it seems like this isn’t just me.

So, getting into music that you wouldn’t like/find normally because of other unicyclists: Discuss.

BUCK 65 is my idol. I hope to be meeting him this summer. I was gonna scratch with him last winter but he had a change of plans and couldn’t make it.

Well, Mr Boogiejuice gave me a shove towards more electronic music… which I’ve been listening to mucho lately.

Not to start another controversy… but doesn’t this belong in JC?

I don’t think so… It’s unicycling, mostly. I was actually debating putting it in JC and thought I’d put it here because it’s uni related, at least compared to all the games/religion threads/Most Replies/ etc. etc.

out of the defect video my favourite song was the last one during the credits by the band Strap-On Tools ( The cool part is it’s a band from my home-town so I’ve met them now too. Heh. And they’ve seen me unicycle. Which sadly isn’t nearly as impressive as the stuff on defect.

I am the same way, alot of the music I listen to is by artists that I first heard in uni vids. (That 800 octane song I used in my moab movie.)

i got into some bands from defect

i also have a TON of songs from biking movies (The Collective, NWD VI, Earthed 3) to name a few


I thought 1881 from defect were really awesome but i cant find any of their music anywhere.

all good unicycling movies have good soundtracks.