getting in shape for moab

I’ve been riding my muni alsmost daily trying to get in adequate shape for moab. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s TOUGH going when your out of shape! And I don’t smoke or drink, get pleanty of sleep, I eat fairly well, and my weight of 157 is about normal for my height of 5’11". It’s been a long time since I’ve been involoved in any kind of regualr exercise program, but I am still surprised at how fast I get winded riding my muni uphill. But then again, I’ve only completed my second week of municycling! I used to be a long distance runner, which was/is a great way to stay fit, but even that isn’t as strenuous as pedalling a non-geared 15 pound unicycle (with only 6" cranks) up a steep grade. So maybe I’m expecting to much too soon? I’m now wondering if the 8 weeks remaining before the munifest is going to give me enough time, considering my daily 1 hour rides, to be ready for maob. Thoughts? :thinking:

climbing hills is the single most tiring thing you can do on a muni. don’t push yourself so hard you’re worn out and sick of the muni when you get to moab, but do keep at it, you’ll be fine.

Hill climbing also involves technique. It’s not all about fitness.

I need to get in shape too. I gained weight over the holidays and haven’t been doing any strenuous riding in the past couple of months. I’ll be sucking wind when I hit the hills for training. I’m going to try to get myself to Moab this year. I was a sissy last year.

There is technique to being able to sustain a long climbing effort. One way is to stand up on the pedals, take 1/2 pedal revolutions at a time, and pause briefly while the pedals are horizontal. That give you a brief rest each half revolution. Similar concept to the rest step when climbing mountains on foot. When doing that you should try to force your toes to point downward at the bottom of the pedal stroke so you get a little bounce. At the same time you need to pull your foot back like you’re scraping mud off the bottom of your shoe. That keeps you from losing your momentum from dwelling at the bottom of the pedal stroke. I call that bounce technique “the dance”. You need to dance on the pedals and keep them turning and try to be as light as possible on the pedals.

Also work on learning how to climb while seated, but for muni you’ll usually be standing for most of a climb. Mix it up where you can so you can work different parts of your legs.

Two months is plenty of time to get in climbing shape, especially if you’re riding almost daily. The rest is learning where your limits are, and staying within those limits, so you don’t blow up during a climb.

i know it is possible to mount going up hill, but i only come off my MUni on really steep rokky bits, where i have trouble getting back on,
will this just take a bit of practice as well?
but also, instead of only going up hill, try a bit of a variation of tracks and what u know, this will be more fun, and use more muscles

Mounting up a hill, there are several ways.

You can mount sideways, perpendicualr to the hill, or even downhill, and hop around untill you face uphill (or just side hop up).

Another way is to run up the hill and rolling jump onto the pedals. This is harder, because you have to fly uphill over the seat onto the pedals.