Getting back my uni mojo

It has been about two years since I have really ridden a unicycle. I think I lost me uni mojo. I really need some motivation to get it back. I am thinking about buying a 36"er to start riding. oh man I really need some motivation. Could yall please help me? :frowning:

You can do it!!! :wink:

want to know what i did to get back into? obviously i dusted off my torker a week or so ago and started riding and hopping on things, and realized that i wanted something intense, crazy and hardcore, so i ordered a new k1 white russian and totally sparked my interest again!

if you cant afford a new uni, buy some paint, paint up your old one a sick color scheme, and it seems like a new uni for like 10 bucks!!! :slight_smile: thats what i did to my old stuff when i got bored with it when i was younger!! :slight_smile:

One easy way is to just listen to music while riding and I find it really hypes me up. (regardless of the genre)

Well, I’m just thinking about what motivates me to do it now; there is so much to learn/do on a uni. Ask yourself, what haven’t you done on a uni that you’d like to do/learn? Crank spins, muni, big drops, trials on a statue, riding further than you ever have before, etc.