Getting 100cm !!

I did it !!!
I finally did it !!!
yeah !!!

lalala ~first to congratulate
Team Nelson is the future…!

Second to congratulate, (although I already congratualted him a few hours ago on MSN) :P. Great work, 100cm is high, not many people can get it.

Great Work man!! In such a short time. I hope I can get 70cms in my first year :smiley:

Your spokes are hella creaky.

Great job! I was practicing 98 cm and I was stuck today. I almost got it once. I practiced at 100 for a while but I can’t get it yet. I’m close but I’m not gonna be able to yet. I’m way out of shape and weigh a lot more than I should, so I’m going on runs quite a bit now.
Have you ridden a rail yet?

lol yeh i know.I just havent taken the time to tighten them up again

erm no i havent ridden a round rail yet but ive been working on stilstands alot and i think il be ready for one soon.Yeh it took me awhile to get 100 cause i was finding the recovery so hard.I got 96cm on sunday and it felt quite easy and then yesterday i could just do it lol

You need to film it again w/ a better angle or something too. Couldnt tell it was that high

I couldnt film it at my house with a better angle cause the camera would have to be in the road along the side.Ill go and find something i can film in town

Nice work. 100cm was a very good feeling. Triple digits man, gj.

Good job man, congrats. Would be cool to ride with you. Sounds like you need to sort out your uni, doesnt sound too healthy.

lol thanks.I fixed it the day after the video