Gettin to CMW. Drivers?

Ok so this thread is findin drivers to riders who need to get to CMW. I know Spencer was lookin for a ride from anyone who is passin by UCLA. My friend Jarin is looking for a ride from Thousand Oaks, CA. He asked me but I am not sure if I am able to since I am already taking 3 other riders in my car, and picking one up at the airport.

So is there anyone going to be driving through Thousand Oaks that would be willing to pic up a rider?

If you are driving to and are willing to pic people up, or if you are needing a ride to CMW from one of our generous drivers. Post here.

My mom and I will be passing through ucla I think. I would be glad to give Spencer a ride.

I now have a way to get from ucla to cmw but I’m looking for a way back. Do you think you will be passing back through ucla on Sunday after the ride (to uniaddict)? I have a math midterm on Monday morning so I need to get back to school :wink:

BUMP, anyone goin through Thousand Oaks lol

Still looking for a ride back to school Sunday if anyone is feeling nice:)