Get orf moi laaan'

Amusing incident today. I was riding along a familiar trail in the forest, with frozen ruts in the mud, and a light dusting of snow, when a specimen of that popular seasonal red-breasted bird, a robin, overtook me and perched on a twig to my right, so close I could have reached out to touch it.

He watched me with beady eye, and as I rode past, I heard a flutter and suddenly he was perched on a bush slightly ahead of me again.

He repeated this exercise four or five times, and at first I thought he must be hoping I’d feed him. Either that, or he was trying to work out whether I was on 150 mm or 165 mm cranks.

Then I realised - this tiny fragile bird, small enougt to fit in my closed hand, was escorting me off his territory!

And sure enough, about two bushes later, he stopped following me.

Here’s me: 12 stone (say 165 pounds, ahem!) being escorted off the premises by a “bouncer” the size and weight of a pine cone.

Birds are amazing creatures.

Just remember to duck, wear a good helmet and hightail it out of there if you come across an owl being territorial while out on a ride.

Mike, I’m sure if it really came down to it, you could have taken that bird on. A few of us still know that you’re one tough cookie (biscuit).

^^Even if the heels of your hands are pitted with grit:D.

The word is out Mike that robin was hoping to see one of your “incidents”.:slight_smile:


Somehow, “You’re one tough biscuit” doesn’t have the same effect as “tough cookie.”

A lot of people have suggested I’m crackers, though.

You’re lucky it wasn’t a magpie. They’re vicious bastards. I try and shoot every one I see.


Have we all seen the irony, ladies and gentlemen?

Magpies, like all members of the crow family, are intelligent birds and fascinating to watch.

I had a crow chase and peck me, trying to get me to drop my McMuffin. Only crows have such bad taste I swear.