George Barnes (Chris Reeder) unicycle handle

A while back, before started selling them, George Barnes was
kind enough to send me one of the handle bars he’d made, based on the
original by Chris Reeder. This is a really great product, and since George
was kind enough to send me one of the prototypes, I figure the least I
could do is post a review :slight_smile:

For pictures of the handle, see

To mount, just drill a few holes in your seat plate, and bolt it in. I had
a Viscount seat, which I tore apart until nothing but the plate was left.
I attached the handle, and put a roach cover with air cusion on top.
Alternately, you can use a carbon fibor seat plate, or a semcycle seat
plate (nice you can finally buy this without the semcycle cover, from

I use the handle on my Coker, and Muni. (Freestyle and trials, I prefer a
Miyata handle.) It makes a huge difference when you’re on a hill – there
is now a great ability to pull the seat up with a great deal of force.
This helps you go up a hill, and also helps you slow yourself down, when
going down.

On the Coker, aside from helping with hills, the handle is just large
enough that I can fit part of both hands on it, and take my weight off the
seat. Though, I don’t think it was designed with the Coker in mind, it’s
much nicer than any other commercial option.

I think that’s about it. It’ll add weight to your uni, of course, but if
you use it, it’ll be worth it.

If you get a handle, I recommend you try not to overuse it. Don’t hold it
for the sake of holding it. I like to think it’s there in case I need it,
but I try not to grab for it until I do.

Good day, Jeff Lutkus

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