Gemcrest CF base price raise UDC US

Well in an unfortunate turn of events, just before I purchased my CF base the price has been raised to $97 from around $75 I believe. Looks like I’ll be trying that viscount handle conversion. :angry:

why not contact bedford first? (just in case)

Because I had a $50 gift certificate to a bike shop which was a UDC vendor. :-/

well then…what’s an extra measly $22 for something that will change your life? (other than the bad timing)

having used mine for several years now, I would have happily paid $150 for it :slight_smile:

Brings the price closer to Scott Wallis’ at $125 no rail adapter needed.

its still 37 pounds = $73 from udc uk.

find out if you gift card thing works there.

shipping shouldnt be too bad for something so small and light.

glad I bought mine, so they raised the price, that stinks, it used to be $79.99

Wow, yea 20 buck raise, that stinks.
(I never noticed they had stiffiner plates for 10 bucks! thats sweet for my little sis.

But then you have to buy a new seatpost, and use a miyata or kinport handle and bumper as the base is not made to fit KH handles and bumpers.

haha…but on the “custom saddles” page, the difference between a standard LX air seat and a cf LX airseat is still only $75!!

quick question…are cf bases only useful for trials and muni? or do they have a place on a 36er?

on a 36" muni, even a 36" non-muni they sure do (being able to pull up on the handle when on a steep descent and not having it flex is awesome) there is also the added benefit of not having bolts that hold your seat to the post attached into the plastic that will soon get ruined, having your bolt spin freely in the seat with the when trying to tighten/loosen the nut

I have a Wallis base with threaded inserts so I modified a KH handle to fit it, I just drilled holes in the handle so it would line up with the threaded inserts in the base. I probably should have used spacers under the handle because there was a gap but I decided to tighten it down a lot instead because it is easier.
Its working really well so far…it has only been 2 days since I finished it though.

UDC has blue miyata bumpers in stock and I would recommend that over a CF bumper for street type riding. The miyata bumper is only $9 and carbon fiber does not do well with impacts and my CF bumper is cracked in a couple spots (they are small though).

Spencer i like your subtle advertisement;)

Haha, I put Bedford stickers on all my stuff.

It’s very unlucky for the price to have gone up just before you bought it. The extreme weakness of the US Dollar against the British Pound is entirely to blame and is the reason we had to increase the price of the magazine to the US earlier this year :frowning: