Gel Seat

Got this cheap gel seat cover from Wal Mart. With one slice to the front it fit over a Viscount quite nicely. Pulled the drawstring and refastened the bumpers. About 10 minutes. I took it on a 5 mile ride on my new 29er and was surprised to find the comfort rivaling my Coker airseat.


could you please tell use exactly what kind of gel seat that is and how you did all that?

It’s a Bell cover at WalMart - less than $10. They had 2 sizes. This was the larger. I took off the bumpers. Cut the front underneath (see picture below). Pulled it around the Viscout saddle and put the bumpers back on. Very easy.

nice 29er…

Joe in Iowa

I did the same thing to a Miyata awhile back:D :

I cut put the gel seat cover inside my Kris Holm Air seat so it’s gel on top of Air, extra comfy