Another successful Wal-mart seat upgrade! 10$ :)

After viewing this thread…

I decided I’d also try my luck at upgrading the comfort of my new Coker’s low-grade saddle with a quick, $10 - Wal-mart fix :). Just like those before me who attempted this, I purchased the ‘Bell’ seat cushion for just under $10. I detached the handle and bumper, made a hole in the front part of the fabric to make it fit the seat, and then adjusted it and put the handle and bumper back on. It was a very simple process. If you have any questions…let me know. I could also post some more pictures of underneath. Anyway, HERE are some pics:

I haven’t been outside on it yet, but I took it in the hallway. It’s definitely more comfortable…I haven’t decided for sure whether I feel a bit less control yet though, as the groove of the seat is a little less obvious now. I’ll edit this thread after I ride tomorrow.

nice! i might be doing that soon!:slight_smile:

would it work with a KH Fusion???

Does it slide or have a little give to it? Seems like it might as it’s not totally attached to the saddle…

Nah, It’s a REALLY tight fit, so it has no room to move. If you push down in the center it gives a tiny bit though.

UPDATE: Did not like it at all. Although it certainly was more comfortable…I felt much less secure while riding…like the seat was slipping out behind me. I think I’m going to try and return the seat cover claiming it ripped when I put it on my bike :wink:

IMO, not worth the 10$. I guess I’m going for the KH Airseat.

Do you find the nimbus gel saddle on it uncomfortable? It feels just right to me but if you add a little foam towards the middle under the cover (assuming you have a fusion cover around) you can make it flatter like the KH freeride.

Nah, it really isn’t too bad. I can go a fairly long distance before it starts to get really uncomfortable and I need to dismount. But, the longer I feel no pain, the happier I am.

I’m a little skeptical to take the cover off the seat…

Yeah you have the nimbus gel on yours right? That cover is stapled on and if you are careful and use staple removers you can probably get the cover off then back on with a heavy duty stapler but the best solution would be to get a fusion cover. (I’ve got one, hooray)