Geared Unicycle

Does anyone know if Greg Harper is mass-producing his geared uni yet?

Refer to this post:


Greg isn’t but Schlumpf is. link

Kris Holm and Schlumpf will be releasing a splined geared hub eventually.

I had quality control problems trying to mass produce the hub overseas. Florian Schlumpf was bugged by enough unicyclists that he applied his PowerDrive technology to a unicycle hub and eventually mass produced a frame/hub set. Florian is a much better mechanical engineer and machinist than I am. The product that he makes is superior in many ways even to the hand made hubs that were my prototypes. He makes case hardened parts for greater strength in a smaller package, his parts are machined to tighter tolerances, and his design is shift-on-the-fly.

I hope you are still interested in geared unicycles because the more that are purchased the further the technology will advance. Pete Perron’s PurplePhaze and OuttaPhaze projects are now produced by Dave Stockton. This is a Coker only design as far as I know but, although fixed gear, it is simpler and more flexible than the internally geared hubs. There are only two internally geared Cokers that I know of. One of them Dave and I built up for Kris Holm. The other was made from a hub Steve Howard reworked for Mike Scalisi. I think Florian offers or plans to offer a 36" internally geared version.

Interest, exposure, and marketing pushes the technology.

The schlumpf is a very nice piece of equipment.

Florian does offer it in a 36", but not as a whole unicycle. There is one other internally geared 36" unicycle that I know about and that is a schlumpf 36" that is owned by Hans, who was on the Laos tour.

There are a couple of geared 36" wheels in the UK, Roger Davies has one and Richard Lewis (loosemoose) has the other.

Although Roger was saying at the weeknd he might be going to build his hub into a 29" wheel instead, as he doesn’t reckon he’s faster on the Schlumpf coker than on the normal coker, I think he doesn’t like the bruises off the frame cos he’s got short legs either, apparently it’s particularly hurty when riding muni on it.

The Schlumpf unicycle has a lovely hub, but the rest is poorly designed. The new kh/schlumpf looks like a fantastic product, because it combines the KH experience with making unicycles, with the Schlumpf experience of making gears, so should hopefully be something pretty special.