Geared Muni weight

My g27,5" in XC riding conditions (a water bottle, allen keys and Schlumpf servicing tools) is about 17,5lbs… but I cannot have a properly comparison.
Can you tell me how much your geared muni weight? Thank you!

Google tells me that’s 7.94kg.

Yes it is about 8 kg. Is it good for muni and XC or is it in the heavy weight unicycle category like road only ones?

The Schlumpf web site does not mention weight. I looked at some past threads, and the weight of the geared hub is “a little bit more than 3 lbs.” with the KH Muni hub weighing about 100 grams more than the original hub. I wonder if Florian made the current generation heavier to accommodate the inward pressure created by a crank stop.

I don’t have a scale, or else I would go weigh my G26. It used a Nimbus steel frame, because that came with the rim brake tab welded on. Heavier than aluminum. It also has a Shadow handle. So, it’s not very light, as far as unicycles go.

I don’t ride on it nearly as much as my other, lighter unicycles, and because of that, I really notice the weight difference. The person who installed it opted-out of fitting the hub with the tiny tabs of metal, choosing to fit the hub using pressure between the bearing cap and the knurled part of the hub…to keep that part from spinning. Long story short, I have to tighten the bearing cap more, and this creates extra resistance, causing the guni to feel even more sluggish.

Everytime I retight the left crank I need to reset my disc brake setting or every ride will broke my legs’ muscles.

I’m just curious: 8kg is it a good weight? I’m trying to make the guni a bit more reactive as my ungeared 29er

Considering some added weight with tools and water bottle, 8 kg is probably an average weight of a geared 27.5". Standard KH: ~6.5kg, Schlumpf hub is ~1.1 kg more than a normal hub, the math works out. Matches with what I remember people telling me about their unis too. There are probably some lighter ones out there somewhere. Honestly, just go through each part, and think if you can save some weight there, and then you’ll know how you could make it lighter and more reactive. Since you probably won’t be doing big drops on a Schlumpf, a lighter rim would probably be possible for example.

Aside from the weight, there is probably also some truth in a schlumpf hub taking slightly more energy out of you (different bearings etc.) and having some (even slight) play in it will also make it feel different.